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Yokohama ES32 185/70R14 Philippine

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Extra Powerful Profile High rigidity and tough, Anti-uneven wear. Multiple Powerful Shoulder Combination of deep lugs and sipes Stability, Evacuation, Anti-uneven wear. Lightning Groove High rigidity and proper edge volume Safety, Drainage on Wet roads. Wide Straight Grooves Anti-Hydro, Water draining on Wet braking Straight driving and handling. Simple and Powerful shoulder block design delivers reliable grip and excellent durability. Optimised tread design adopted for each size width. 



  • SKU: Yokohama ES32 185/70 R14 Phili-Philippines
  • Category: Car Tyre
Section Width185 Millimetres
Load Index Rating88.0
Tyre Aspect Ratio70.0
Rim Size14 Inches

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