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NANKANG TYRE 195R15 Taiwan
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NANKANG is a prestigious tire manufacturer with the longest history in Taiwan, founded in 1959. The company constantly strives to innovate and has received high reputation around the world and has received numerous international awards. The Asian tire brand has proven sales performance in 170 countries around the world. ■ The FT-9 M/T RWL (EFTININE M/T RAIZED WHITE LETTER) has excellent traction and mud driving performance and gravel emissions due to pattern design that takes into account maneuverability on bad roads. ■The white letter part is coated with a blue protective agent to prevent stains. Please wash it with soapy water before using. ■Recommended vehicles: Commercial cars, corporate cars, light trucks

Nankang RX-615 185/70R14 88H
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RX-615 Remex

– New generation non-directional

– Beautiful road handling

– Smooth, quiet, comfortable